Sustainability / ESG / Responsible Investing

Investors around the world increasingly demand that Sustainability performance, including environmental accountability, social responsibility and corporate governance (also referred to as ESG), be included as an important criterion when fund managers evaluate investments. The UN Principles for Responsible Investing reports that the Assets Under Management (AUM) of just its membership represent trillions of dollars across over 30 countries. Overall, global investments using some kind of Sustainability or Responsible Investing evaluation continue to grow year over year and have now for some time.
These are big numbers and this category is not going away. Aliier is proud to offer managers focused on investment products that fall within this category. Some of our most senior leadership has been involved in this space for almost a decade with a deep commitment to ESG and Sustainability so we speak the language and understand some of the unique aspects of this important segment of the marketplace.

If you are a Sustainability, ESG or Responsible Investing focused manager or you are an institution or financial services firm interested in accessing the best investment vehicles from around the world in this space, we invite to you contact us and find out how we can work together.

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