International Access to Global Markets

The Aliier Passport is an international platform providing investment managers direct access to financial markets globally. Sub-advisors on the Aliier[1] platform are provided access to financial markets around the world in a number of different ways.

As a participant on the Aliier Passport® platform, we provide you access to financial markets around the world. We assume the day-to-day offshore regulatory, operational and compliance burden for managers on our platform. Additionally, counterparty financial institutions interface with just one firm – Aliier – rather than with each individual investment manager.

The Aliier Passport® platform seeks to represent quality fund managers from anywhere in the world that desire access to global markets and who we believe have product offerings that are attractive in the global marketplace. We provide these managers a regulatory and operational connection into international markets in a cost effective way.

[1] Aliier refers collectively to Aliier LLC our SEC Registered Investment Advisor and Aliier’s various subsidiaries around the world.

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In the United States, Aliier LLC is a SEC registered Investment Advisory Firm.